Friday, February 25, 2011

A Wisconsin Update

As many of you may have read online, the WI State Assembly passed the budget repair bill last night. The Republicans did another dirty trick in passing the bill by announcing a quick oral veto so many of the Democratics did not get a chance to enter a veto. This is the kinds of dirty politics the Republican Party is willing to do. They started the new session by fast tracking all legislation in an attempt to hid their agenda. They are trying to give the Governor powers to sell state power plants without selling to the highest bidder and the ability to cut low-income people off health care at will. The governor was going to announce the new budget starting in July but has held off on it. He is waiting for the repair bill to pass because I believe if he announces new budget before this bill passes there might even be more objections to the repair bill causing him to withdrawn it.

The furlough notices should be sent out on Monday. If we want to keep our collective bargaining rights, we are going to have to accept the furloughs without complains. If I am one them, I will write the Democratic Senators and tell them if I am going to make this sacrifice, they better not come back until the Governor pulls the bill. I could lose the house and I have no children but the future of the state is important to me. I found out today that no amendments can be added to the budget repair bill because there was a third reading before the Senators walked out; it is down to just an up or down vote unless the bill is pulled.

My Senator sent an email to everyone in his district this week asking for a civil discussion. He went on to say he lived through the 60's and remembers the social fabric being torn apart. My answer to this, if you were worried about this why did you let yourself be carried along with a group of individuals who are gladly ripping it apart.

The news claimed my Senator try to amend it bill but this is what really happen

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