Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 13

Eight of ten Summertime Hybrid Geraniums (Ivy Leaf) germinated on 2/16/2011. The Wizard Blend Coleus just has one of 50 seed is up but the normal germination can be between 10-20 days.

This weekend is the 12 weeks out and I will be started several varieties petunias. They are: Easy Wave Hybrid Starfish, Blue Wave Hybrid, Easy Wave Red Hybrid, Easy Wave White Hybrid, Grandiflora Red Storm Hybrid, Easy Wave Hybrid Marble Mix, Opera Supreme Raspberry Ice Hybrid and Cascade Orchid Mist Hybrid.

I prefer to use self watering trays to germinate seeds. I built my own grow rack from a Fine Gardening Magazine article. A four shelf stand was made from 2”x2” pine boards and treated with a waterproof finish. The three bottom shelves are fitted with two shop fixtures per shelf and one shelf has a heating mat taped down with carpet tape. Each fixture is out fitted with two grow lights. I put the trays on the heating mat until the seeds germinate then they are moved to another shelf. I do not like to keep seedlings on the heat mat too long since I have lost seeds from the fungus that causes damp off. I usually put three seed per cell and transfer the plants into pot when the first true leaves develop.

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