Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Master

He supervises all my work on the house. This winter he sits on the basement stairs check the progress in the basement.

Once he finished making sure I am doing my job and that is a lot of hard work; he needs a break.

Around 4 PM he comes back down into the basement demanding to be let out on the back porch. If I am busy and forget to check on him and he wants in, he stands on his back feet and pound on the door until he knots it open or I open it for him. I keep telling him to close the door when he comes in but it is a lost cause.

About 6 PM he comes and tells (MEWO) me that it is dinner time and why have you not started it yet. If I have started making dinner, he will sit quietly in the dining room waiting for me to put his food down. After dinner it is time to allow the food to digest.

At the end of a busy day, it is bedtime.

What is his name, Maestro, the master.

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