Friday, February 18, 2011

A Wisconsin State Employee

Dear Senator,

Please thank your Democratic colleagues when they return to the Senate for doing what is right for the people of Wisconsin. You are going to vote YES for a bill that is using the excuse "TO BALANCE THE BUDGET" to destroy worker's rights. I have worked for the state for 16 years and refused to sign my union card as a protest against the fact most of the union dues did not stay in Wisconsin and support my small professional union. I signed the card after Governor Walker was elected to office because I heard and read what he did and how he treated Milwaukee County workers. I finally felt I needed protection from his policies and ideas. I expected to pay more for my retirement and health care whoever was elected governor but I did not expect to lose my right to bargain. The right to bargain for wages in this bill is a joke and it always has been since the State always told the unions we are allowing "Set Amount in the Budget" and that was our raise period. The only place the union could do any bargaining was in benefits like retirement, sick leave, health care, working conditions and vacations taking all that away means we have nothing to bargain for. What you are going to do is not what WISCONSIN IS!

The bill allowing the Governor final approval on administrated rules.

Why are you willing to vote away your rights as a legislator by giving any Governor the right for final approval on administrated rules? The State of Wisconsin government is ruled by a divided government: Courts, Governor and Legislature; I believe giving a governor the final approval on rules is giving away legislative power to the governor. You write the bills and pass them, the governor signs it, department writes rules to administrate the bill and you again pass or reject the rules. Giving the governor the final say would give him the power of a monarch or as some say dictator. I am not against this bill because of who is governor; no governor from whatever party should be able to reject or approve the rules only the legislature. You may think it is a great idea but some day another governor who is not from your party will be in charge. Think about this, the same thing happen with the line item veto and this change will cause the same result.

Thank you of you time.

My senator received this letter earlier today.

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