Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blizzard clean-up

Saturday was used to finish cleaning up from Tuesday blizzard. I start digging a path to the shed where my roof rake is kept.

While digging the path to the shed I keep arguing with myself about making a path from the driveway to the back door. My conscience won and I dug the path. Last Tuesday I decided that I just leave it snowed in until the spring melt, but the thought not be able to receive deliveries at the back door was something I did not want to do without.

After finishing digging out the path, I started to remove the three foot snow drift around the south side of the house. The gas meter and furnace exhaust vents are on that side. I removed the snow to about 4 feet away from the house. I hope when the snow melts, the water will run toward the back yard and not toward the house causing the fountain to leak.

The last job was to rake the roof. The roof's north side was fairly clean since the wind blew most the snow off. I did try to remove snow from in front of the bathroom vent and around the waste vent. The front porch roof had snow drift covering 3 to 4 feet next to the house and about 3 feet high.

The south roof had very little snow on the lower half of the roof but my three roof vents are near the ridge and were covered with snow. I was surprised at how much snow was on the upper half. Here is the snow and roof rake is used as a reference to show how high it was. After it was removed from the roof I shoveled the snow away from the fountain and then call it a day. Sunday was declared a day of rest.

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