Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Basement Set Back

This last weekend I was hoping to start painting the wall with waterproof paint but I found hair line cracks in the hydraulic cement. So I spent Saturday chiseling out the cracks and areas where I was hearing a hollow sound when I tapped on it. The cracks appeared after the thaw. I am guessing the hydraulic pressure increased causing the cracks and sections to pop loose from the wall. I washed the areas with a vinegar solution to remove any minerals which wept through the wall.

I found my dryer vent was clogged again. I spent the rest of Saturday pulling off the old dryer hose and replacing it with brand new one. Finally my dryer is drying my clothes in the normal time.

Sunday, I filled in the areas I prepared Saturday with fresh hydraulic cement. So I need to wait another week before I can paint. Since I could not paint and I cleared out the basement northeast corner to install the insulation last week. I could start cleaning and preparing this corner for patching with hydraulic cement following up with painting. That was enough work in the basement this Sunday, so I called it a day.

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