Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Arts & Crafts Chair is finished

I found this chair for free on Craig's List and finished reupholstering it yesterday. See post "A Free Craig's List Find" for the before picture. I removed the velvet sit covering, old padding and webbing from the chair. New webbing was weaved and tacked into place. New foam padding was put on next; I staple the foam along the bottom to keep it in place. The foam was then covered with a thin layer of polyester filling.

I made leather cording to wrap around the leather seat covering and the next step was the staple down the cording around the seat cushion. After doing all of the above I could finally start putting the leather over the cushion. To ensure I evenly spaced the tacks I put down paint's tape and marked one inch spaces around the chair. The leather was stretch and temporarily tacked in place.

The project was finished off with decorative tacks and here it is.


  1. Wow - great job. That chair is a nice find.

  2. This did finish quite nicely. It looks lovely on your hardwood floor. Aj