Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gardening will be ending soon.

Last Saturdays was the first of three nights where we had frost. The weatherman was warning us all week that we would be getting frost on October 2, so I took the time in the morning hours to start tearing down my garden. This allows the dew to dry before I starting working on the house. Friday was the big push to get as much done as possible. I picked all 13 tomato vines and removing them all by 7:00 PM that evening. The one remaining cucumber vine and zucchini plant were removed. Five of six eggplants were picked; the remaining one was covered. I left all the green pepper plant in the ground, they were also covered. I had been so busy that I just left the coverings in place until I got home from work Thursday evening. I now have about 50 lbs of tomatoes sitting on a table in the basement.

I just finished cleaning up the area on my first day of vacation because I hired an electrician to update the wiring. He will be putting 220 in the house and fixing the back porch light which has never worked since I owned the place. I also need more outlets in the kitchen. He will also be adding an outdoor outlet near the grill so I will no long need to run an extension cord out the window to use the rotisserie. Here is a before picture of the area. It is bit embarrassing to show this mess.

I moved the mess into my craft room until the electrician and I are done working in the area. I did do some sorting while I moved it and now have a growing pile for the Salvation Army. The east and the unfinished section along the south wall will be water proofed and repainted this winter. When I finish working on the wall I brought shelving to put some order to it.

This weekend I will pull the sweet pepper plants. Emptying and putting all hanging baskets into storage. Washing all the windows and replacing the screens with the storm window. The weather this Saturday will be in the upper 70's and they are forecasting 80 on Sunday but it will not last long. So it is time to winterize the place.

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