Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finished Painting the Wall

Well, I am done painting the house exterior for this year. The one wall I have been working on since August is done. I am using Benjamin Moore paint colors: clapboard = Brookline beige, window trim = Tarrytown green and the window = Hodley red.

The red line running along the side of the house is my property line but there is a 20 foot grass alley running between the neighbor's property and mine. The reason why I marked it is I am taking a 6 week landscaping course at MATC and the instructor's assignment was to draw out my current landscape on graph paper. It was easier to mark the lines with paint and then start measuring it out. Only I did not buy enough paint to mark all the lines so I ended up tying string up to each corner stake to outline the property.

Now back to the house, next year I plan on staining the deck in the colors matching the front porch except the white will become Brookline beige. The next wall to be stripped will be the wall with the electric meter on it. The sooner I can stop sitting on the roof and trying to keep my balance while removing paint the better. I worn out two pairs of sweatpants and ended up with a roof burn on my rear end this year but the finished job was worth it.

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