Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reupholstering the Antique Winged Chair: Inside arms, back and seat

As stated in previous post I will be showing you how I built the inside arms, back and seat for the upholstery fabric. The next step in putting together my chair was to build up the padding on it before covering it with fabric. Faux horsehair was attached to the back; giving the chair better support and another layer between the cotton padding and the springs. The horsehair was stapled to chair's frame left and right sides so it would not slip out of place. Cotton batting was used to cover the back following with a layer of muslin. The muslin was temporary tack in place to allow me to make any alteration before stapling it into place.

Once the muslin covered the back, I could concentrate working on the seat. The springs were covered with burlap followed by bonded polyester. The polyester layer was sewed to the burlap and springs. The brown tube covering part of the seat's edge is call an edge roll, the edge roll is attached along the edge to left and right arm by sewing it in place. The roll help keeps the cushion from pushing forward on the chair. Again, all of this is covered in cotton batting this include the wood section below the edge roll followed with muslin fabric.

Before I could tack the muslin in place, I sew the fabric along the back of the edge roll. Once I completed the sewing it in place, the fabric was stretched, tacked, and stapled in place. This is where I should end today, next posting will show how to finish the inside arms for the upholstery fabric.

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