Friday, April 8, 2011

Week 8

I was hoping to report that I planted my tomatoes and basil last week but that never happen.  I did take a trip to the Restore in Prairie du Sac on Saturday.  The restore is located at Broadway and 9th street once I reached that corner I wondered if I was it the right place until I look to north on 9th street and saw a number of car parking in front of a lot.  I turned down the street and found the Restore sign, parked and walked in the lot.  I walked down a curved muddy driveway and found four sheds stuffed with recycled items.  One shed was filled with old appliances, another with doors and pressed wood cabinets, the third with filled with old door and molding and the last was filled with newer molding, light fixtures and varies other things.  I was only interested in the old moldings and doors for my 1930’s Sear’s bungalow.  They did have two paneled doors with an upper panel longer than the bottom but they were 30 inches wide but I am looking for a door that is between 24-26 inches wide.  I need this size to fit the linen closet I am going to put in the hallway between the bedrooms and bathroom.

After looking through all the stuff at the Restore and I stopped by the antique shop in the neighboring Sauk City before starting back home.   On the trip home I planned on making a detour down County B to the out skirts Plains, WI to pick up 6 lbs of low fat block cheddar cheese.  The factory is just east of the city on a pretty country road just off County B.  The turn off is well marked with a sign for Cedar Grove Cheese pointing in the direction to turn.  Besides buying the low fat cheese, I also enjoy their smoked cheddar so I just could not resisted buying a pound.  I also indulged in buying small wedges of smoked cheddar with smoked salmon & dill and smoked Gouda. 
When I got home I had three phone messages waiting for me.  One from my brother and another from my father telling me that my Dad had two stokes Friday night.  The last message was from my brother telling me that Dad was now at the hospital.  My father lives in Alaska so I have been on the phone every night to check on his condition.  Yesterday, my father was released from the hospital and the more intense therapy now begins. 
Not much got done on Sunday, so that day was a waste but during the week I did get out every evening to pick stones out of the grass.  Since my driveway and all walkway are stone I spent the first week or two throwing stone back into driveway after the snow melts.  I try to get the stones removed before the grass is actively growing.  It is just easier that way.  In between picking out stones, I did find time to picking up broken sticks, branches, pine cones and leaves and putting them on the burning pile.  Last night I was outside well after dark attending to the fire.
I did find time to fill 5 seed trays with soil and if it is raining tonight I will be planting my tomatoes, eggplant, and basil.  I also turned over the soil in one my raised bed and plan to sow beets, radishes, spinach, lettuce and carrots this weekend.  The weather forecast has Saturday rain free so that should be the day.

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