Thursday, April 7, 2011

Upholstery Projects

Over the last 6 months I have been working on three projects another wing chair and 2 foot stools.  The wing chair is the second chair in a pair I brought for about $30 a piece.  The first chair I reupholstered before the antique wing chair and I put off the second chair because I was so excited do to fix the antique chair first.  This past winter I spent Monday nights working on this second chair.  I was very lucky to the frame in good shape so no repairs were need.  The first pair of the wing chairs did have framing problems.  The wings needed to be reinforced with plywood braces and extra screws.  The second chair just required the foam and stuffing be replaced along with recovering it in the new fabric.  I did change the shape of the back by eliminating all the buttons.  I just felt a less formal look would better fit a bungalow decorating style.
The last 3 classes I have been working on the foot stools.   These foot stools I found at a garage sale and they are in excellent shape except the colors just do not go with my house.  So what can I do but recover them.  These have been the easiest project I have very done.  Since I knew who owned them in the past and that they were well cared for and clean.  All I did was cut off the cording and remove the feet then I recover them with new fabric.  It only took about 2 classes to do one stool.  I am still working on the second one and will most likely finish it next Monday. 


My next project will be making cushions for my dining room chair.  I am in the process of picking the fabric out.  I change my mind a dozen times already on either the color or pattern.  I need to make up my mind so I can order it.  My preference is the orange and gold leave pattern for now.

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