Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Elections

Today is a big day for Wisconsin the WI Supreme Court Justice’s seat will be decided today. The news media have been reporting that this race is about Scott Walkers budget repair bill and they are right it is. Voter turn out will be big in Madison around 70% greater than the turn out for the governor’s race. The state elections board state they believe the state will only have a 20% turn out overall. I believe this is too low since so many people believe the budget repair bill will be decided in WI Supreme Court and this elections is too important not to participant.
Wisconsin off year spring elections are normally about school board and municipals elections. The City of Madison has a big mayoral this year which will bring out the vote in town. Where I live there are just some school board seats to vote for.

On Voting Day I try to not to campaigned who to vote for and I sure it is easy to guess that from past blogs but to urge you to vote. I always believe that voting is the most important responsibility for a citizen. You should go and vote today and make you wishes know and if you do not then I do not want to hear one single complaint or agreement with policy decisions because you choose to lost that right by sitting on your hands and not pulling that lever.

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