Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another project is completed.

This Monday I refinished the legs to the second foot stood and attached them to the stood.  Here is the finished product. 
I am very happy with the color and fabric selection.  I needed a different color other than gold or red in furniture and the newly recovered stood nicely compliments the gold colored wing chairs. 
I ordered the fabric for the dining room seat cushions.  The dark orange contrasts well with the colors in the rug.
I have pieces of foam left from other projects and this foam will be used to fill the seat covers.  I have enough foam to cut two whole cushions from it.  I will still be able to use some of the smaller pieces by gluing them together before I cut the pieced foam into more cushions.  I will save money by piecing together the extra foam together;   foam is expense right now because the cost of oil is so high right now.  
I plan on making six seat cushions.  I will be putting a zipper into the back of each cushion so I can remove the covering when it needs to be washed.  It will be nice just to be able to wash only the covering and not the whole cushion.  There has been many a time when the washer would become unbalanced and it takes forever to dry the old cushions.
After I finished working on the dining room cushions I plan on replacing the fabric on my outdoor umbrella.  There maybe one more project after that but I am starting to see the end unless another great chair turns up.

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