Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week 5: Spring is a Tease

The weather has been wonderful over the last few days.  Sunday the temperature was in the upper 70s and maybe made it into the 80s.  I been keeping an eye on my bloodroot plants and yesterday the white flowers fully opened. 

I found a small daffodil blooming in the south garden along the house.  I lived in this house for 7 seven years and never found any daffodils before this.   The single Hyacinth plant is just starting to show its flowers.


Saturday, I did find time to plant short rows of French Breakfast Radishes, Bloomsdale Spinach, Dragon Carrots, and Detroit Red Beets in one of my raised beds.  There is a large planter next to the back porch stair which I also planted with lettuce.  It was wonderful to be able to dig in the garden and smell the freshly turned soil.

I also found time to plant the tomatoes, eggplants and basil in the seed starter trays.  Here is the list of what I planted.




     Amish both are red paste.


     Chocolate Cherry (Deep Red color)

     Sunsugar Hybrid (Golden Color)


     German Pink (Pink color)

     Brandywine (Pink color)

     German Green (Green) I find it hard to tell when the fruit is



      Celebrity (Red)

      Delicious (Red)

      Black Krim (Dark Red) It makes the best tasting BLT.

      Green Zebra (Yellow and Green Strips with Green meat)




    Dr. Wyche Yellow, I grow this before and the salsa tasted


    Green Husk



    Rossa Bianca (Large white and purple fruit)

    Udumalapet ( 2 to4 inch purple and yellow fruit)



   Genovese (Large fragrance leaves)

   Napoletano (large leaves good for salads)

I spend most of Sunday transplanting the impatiens plants into 3 packs.  The cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and cabbage were transplanted into single containers. 

The reason why I choose to name this “Spring is a Tease” is we are just getting a taste of what it can be like since tomorrow the weather is changing back with temperatures between the 30s and 40s with possibly of snow this Saturday.

PS: Maestro been enjoying the weather too.

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