Friday, May 20, 2011

It's time to plant the garden!

Finally all but two flats of the plants I started from seed are outside and hardening off.  It has been a touch and all this spring.  We did have frost again on Tuesday morning; I was watching it creep up the creek to my property line before I went to work.  I covered up all plant so they were going to be OK even if it crept into my property. 

I moved all the plant hardening off outside into the three-season porch on Sunday night and they slay there for three nights.  The back porch floor was filled with wall to wall plants.  If I need to get out the back door I needed to move about 5 flats before I could open the door. 

I did get a chance to plant two gardens while Art was visiting.  Arthur was nice enough to mow the lawn while so I could spend time rototilling the garden.  Thanks Art, you really do help me out when mow the lawn for me.

Here Art mowing the lawn in 2009.

It was the garden where all my Brussels Sprouts, cabbages, cauliflowers and broccoli were planted.  They were planted on Thursday the 12th.  I bedded plant down with a lot of marsh hay to protect them from the frost on Tuesday.

On Friday the 13th, I tilled the long thin on the right-hand side from the picture above and planted a mixed row of yellow, purple and green beans.  This week the weather been wet or I needed attend some event so I have not found anytime in the garden.  Hopefully the weather forecast is wrong and the rain will hold off so I can get out there this weekend.

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