Saturday, May 21, 2011

Governor Nelson State Park

Wood Violet, Wisconsin State's Flower
 Governor Nelson State Park is located on the north side of Lake Menoda off Highway M.  It is a day park and is open for year around use.  In the summer people use this park for picnics, swimming, fishing and hiking and during the winter there are cross country ski and hiking trail.  Arthur and I went to hike on the Woodland Trail that is only a little over a mile in length.  The wildflower were in full bloom.

Dutchmen Breeches

Wood Anemones
The trail passed a Panther Indian Mound and some Conical Mounds; the only way to view the mounds as a whole is from the air.  The trail is marked where the mounds are but they just look like a mound of dirt.  So I only have pictures of the wildflowers along the trail.

White Trout Lily
Yellow Violet
The weather turn very hot with the tempertures in the 80's really humid when the day before was in the 50's.  My brother need a to sit down and cool off.

The Jack-In-The-Pupit are just staring to bloom.

After we finished the trail, we both stop for some nice cold ice tea.

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