Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gardening and Possible Frost Again Tonight

First Harvest this year!
 I been busy in the gardens again this week.  The tomatoes were planted in the rain last Saturday.  One purple, green and Dr Wyche's tomatillo plant were also put in at the same time.  The rain was light but by the time I finished soil was clumping on my shoe and the front of the raincoat was black but the job was done.  On Sunday I put up the bamboo supports for my tomatoes and metal supports for the tomatilloes.  I finished the area by mulching it with marsh hay.  The mulch is so deep there is a tiny circle around the plant so it can get sun.

Tomato garden
I harvested my first radishes on Sunday and included them with the raw vegetables I take to work for lunch.  My lettuce pot is ready to pick also.

Barassicales Garden

Barassicales garden is doing well and the plants are getting large enough to peek out from the marsh hay.

The two raised bed are doing well the closes bed contains the radishes I harvested.  The front two bed are planted with radishes, peas, spinach, carrots and beets but the varieties are different.  The farthest bed will be planted with peppers since year.

Raised beds

Raspberry & Blackberry beds

On May 16, I planted 5 Killainey Red Raspberries, 3 Royalty Purple Raspberries and 3 Prime Jim Everbearing Blackberries.  I could not find Anne (Golden) Raspberries or the grape vines I wanted to plant in the local plant nurseries, so I ordered them on line last week.  They still have not come but I am hopeful they will come today or tomorrow.  This weekend I plan on putting a weed barrier 2 ft out on each end and in between the beds then cover the area with bark mulch.  This will make mowing the grass much easier than trying to mow around the plants.

Tonight there is a chance of frost again so I will be running around covering up the plants I put into the ground.  I will need to haul all the flats I have on the side of the house in.  Northern Wisconsin is forecasting a hard frost, so I guess I should be happy there is only a chance of frost tonight.

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