Friday, September 24, 2010

Back to the House

In between working on the garden in the evenings, I have been taking one or two days off each week since August to remove the old paint from one of the walls on the back of the house.

The picture above shows how much paint scrapped loose before I started using the heat gun to remove the remainder of it. It took me about a month to remove all the paint.

During the week of September 12, I started using my oscillating sander to sand down to the wood. I also brought a detailer sander this year. It has sped up the sanding in the areas I could not reach with the other sander. Last year it took me several days to hand sand the small wall with the screen door on it and the surface area is twice that this year. After a one and a half day of sanding I have completed this much.

I found dry rot in the window sill and pull off the front section to replace. The area left, I will treat with a hardener before replacing the bad section. The picture below shows why I have the rot in the sill. Why the PO let the roof end on top of a window, I will never know. I decide to leave it this way because sometime in the future the kitchen needs to be completely gutted and I can move it then.

Next week I am taking off from work and hope to finish the sanding, priming, caulking and painting it, I pray and hope.

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