Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can't keep up with the garden or give it away, donate it.

Over the last month I been busy in the garden as usually. I have canned many quarts of tomato juice, V-8 like juice, whole tomatoes, and paste tomatoes. I still have tomatoes ripening on the vine so there will be more to can. I also have a yellow paste (also called Roma) and green zebra tomatoes which I brought to work because I cannot can them and have no freezer space left. It took about three days for them to disappear from work so the next load of yellow and green zebra I donated to Second Harvest. It would have been a waste to let them rot and they were very happy to receive them. I wished I would have thought about this earlier because I been letting my cherry tomatoes rot on the vines because I could not give them away to the neighbors. I think threw away about 4 lb before it dawn on me to do this. The woman who took my donation told me they do not received very many fresh vegetables from the general public. So if you are being overwhelmed with produce from your garden think about donating it to your locate food pantry or to Second Harvest.

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