Thursday, April 30, 2020

Remodeling the Basement Craft Room Part 2

The lighter shade on the wall is the new paint color.
The brown rectangle under the window is a peg 

LED ceiling fixture mock-up
This April started with repairing two holes in the walls on the crafts room south side.  One hole was opened years ago when my water pipe froze.  At the time I was very lucky the pipe was not completely frozen and did not cracked.  The plumber opened the wall and used a hair dryer to thaw it.  For years I just hid the opening by hanging a quilt over it.  The other hole was made when the internal connection was moved to above where the upper cabinets are going.

I also needed to move the electric baseboard higher on the wall causing some repair work.  The reason I needed to move the baseboard is because there was not enough room between the baseboard and the floor to install the vinyl flooring.  Once the repair work was done, I finally got to paint the room.  I looked at a lot of different colors and shades ended up with the same color but a shade lighter.

The next project was to hang the second LED light fixture.  The first one I hung I had trouble try to align fixture, so it was parallel with the support beam down the center of the ceiling.  This time it dawned on me that a mock-up would make life much easier.  It worked very well and took less time too.
TV mock-up.
Now it was time to mount the TV and hang the upper cabinets on the walls.  Since the mock-up worked so well with the LED light fixture, I made a mock-up for the TV height since I wanted the TV high enough so it could be seen easily while working on the sewing machine or cutting fabric.

I did the same thing with the upper cabinets.  The picture below is example of how to hang upper cabinet when social distancing due to the pandemic.  I put the cabinet on a 5-foot file cabinet and used wooden boards to shimmy the cabinet up to the correct height and level it.

While working on the cabinets I had a helper inspecting my work his name is Snuggles.  He had a great time chasing his tail on the ladder and climbing in the hung cabinets.
The mounted TV and hanging upper cabinets.

The last two weekend in April I spent insulating and dry walling the old oil tank closet.  The first major change I made in the house was to replace the oil furnace with a gas furnace and part of the job required the furnace installers to remove the oil tank.  The previous owners build a closet around the oil tank, but the closet was never dry walled.  The first weekend I framed around the duct work in the closet ceiling.  I put one-inch foam insulation between the cement walls and then fiberglass insulation.
Insulating  the closet with the 1-inch foam.
The framing around the duct work and finishing the insulating with fiberglass batts.
 The last weekend I got three quarters of the closet dry walled.  In May I hope to get the taping and painting done in the closet and start working on the floor.

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