Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Time to Focus on the House Again

Well it has been quite a few years since I have posted anything.  Family matters have kept me busy and away from working on the house most of time.   Here is an update on closet projects I found time to do these last 6 years.  In May 2013 I hired a carpenter to divide the guest room closet to make a linen closet opening into the hallway next to bathroom.  The guest bedroom closet has approximately 2 feet dead space that was created into a linen closet.
The hallway wall where the new linen closet
opening will be made.
The dead space in the guest bedroom closet.
The carpenter did a nice job dividing the closet, I just ask him to put up the drywall and I would finish the taping to save money.  
The new wall in the guest bedroom closet
The new linen closet

Unfortunately, the linen closet and the guest bedroom stayed this way until this year.  Other responsibility and projects took a high priority, this year I finally became tired of unorganized closets.  So I tackled putting in closet organizer in the guest bedroom, linen closet and a closet in my craft room.  The first closet I worked on was the linen closet.  I finished putting mud over the tape and nails then painted before I hung the closet organizers.  I did the same for the guest bedroom closet.

Guest Bedroom Closet 
Linen Closet
When I first moved in, I removed the bedroom closet organizer in it and until this year I never used for clothing.  It was basically a place to store junk.  It is nice to get the clothes I stored in the craft room into my guest closet.  Putting the closet organizer into the linen closet greatly increase the storage room and allowed me to organize it better.  I am still not done with the linen or guest bedroom closets.  The bedroom closet needs to be trimmed with old yellow pine then shellacked.  The linen closet door needs to be stripped and shellacked before it is done.

The closet in the craft room now holds some of my craft supplies instead of clothing.  The closet is part of this room remodeling.  This past spring I brought cabinets which need to be hung but first I need to hire an electrician to move and add outlets because the base cabinets will cover them.  Lastly, I need to paint the walls before I hang them.  Now back to the closet, I am using this closet to stored quilt projects and some on my fabrics.  I put 18 closet poles to hang my upholstery fabric that are wrapped on cardboard rolls at the bottom.  I hope to get more done in the craft room this winter.

Craft room closet