Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It’s The Little Stuff That Makes You Happy!

I sure all of you are wondering how this picture of cabinet space below my bathroom sink can made me happy.  I lived in my house for 7 years now with a shelf so warped that anything would slide and tip over toward the big dip located front and center.  I kept telling myself that I could wait until I remodeled my bathroom since I would like to replace the bathroom sink with a pedestal sink.  After living here for 7 years it will be a long time before I remodel the bathroom.  I still have a lot of weatherproofing and insulation work to do on the house before I can fix up the interior.  So why not make life a little easier by fixing it.

I use a rubber mallet to knock out the warped shelf.  Then I cut some salvage 2”x4”s to make a platform to place a shelf.  The 2”x4”s left 1¼” gape to be filled in with leftover plywood.  I found ½” plywood cut two pieces to layover the base and nailed it in place.  I found some ¼” plywood, cut it to size and glue it in place.  The shelf was now even with the cabinet.  I finished it off by put down shelving paper.

After seven years I can finely can used this space for storage and that is what makes me happy.