Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lake Louise, Banff National Park

Mount Victoria reflecting off Lake Louise
I woke up around 5 AM on July 6 and started loading up the car.  Once the car was loaded I drove to Lake Louise parking.  I was hoping to view and hike around the lake before crowds started to appear.  The weather was wonderful and the hike was relaxing.  I hiked up to the end of the lake before turning around.  I took many pictures but will be showing you only the best.   The reflection off the lake makes almost every view stunning but you should judge for yourself.

Fairview Mountain, center, from Lake Louise Parking Lot.  Sheol Mountain on the right.
 After leaving the lake I stopped in the village to get breakfast, pick up a lunch and to check out some tourist’s traps.  I left the Lake Louis Area after gassing up and entered the Icefields Parkway at 9:50 AM.  After looking at the number of pictures for the day, 283 in all, I decided to divide the day into at least three blogs.

Lake Louise with Mount Victoria, center.
A Golden Mantel Ground Squirrel found along the lake's edge.
Another beautiful reflection with Fairview Mountain, left, along the lake's edge.  Mount Lefroy behind Fairview.  The moon is over Mount Victoria and Big Beehive is on the left with pines covering it.
Yellow Pine Chipmunk
Another view further down the path I walked to the end of the lake.
Upper and Lower Victoria Glacier can be see here with Big Beehive in front of Mt. Victoria.

 Mount Victoria framed in the pines.
Mount Lefroy is the mountain on the left.  The Upper Victoria Glacier, center, and Big Beehive in the right front.

Mount Aberdeen on the right and Mount Lefroy is behind it with Mount Victoria on the left.

The end of the lake and time to turn around.

Looking toward the Chateau Lake Louise at the other end of the lake.

Another shot of Fairmount Mountain on the walk back.

Stopping to admired the Chateau Lake Louise lake's entrance before leaving.

Where to start?

I took Monday and Tuesday off so I have extra time to start decluttering the basement.  I been avoiding the job all week and kept procrastinating this morning by cleaning the bedroom.  While cleaning the bedroom I took sometime to walk through the basement and look over the job.  Should I start here?

The east end of the Unfinished Basement?

Or the Sewing/Craft Room

The south side of the sewing room?

The north side of the room?
Here is where I should start the table in the unfinished section then I have a staging area to start cleaning the east wall.  It is a small step but a start.

I am sure you all noticed that I am still trying to find reasons to put it off by writing about it instead of working on it.  Well it time to face the music, go down there and start it.

Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Done the Basement!

Finished Washer and Dryer Area
I put the final coat of paint on the basement floor today.  I restarted this project soon after Christmas.   I vacuumed and washed the area where the dryer and washing machine sits.  I turned on the dehumidifier to dry out the area and started painting floor on Saturday December 29 and finish it on New Year's Day.  I waited one week for the floor to cure before moving the machines back into place Monday evening January 7.

I had a lot of laundry to wash and dry since it had been a week and half the machine were out of commission.  I finally starting cleaning and washing floor the following Sunday and again turned on the dehumidifier and waiting until Friday January 18 to start painting on another four coats in the unfinished area.  

The last section to be painted.
Now I have another week for it to cure before I can move my freezer back along the wall that divides my sewing room and the unfinished basement.   Hopefully the weather will be below zero so I can defrosted and clean the freezer next Monday.  I move all the food from the freezer on the back porch while the freezer defrosts. 

My next project will be cleaning and sorting my stuff in the basement.  I would like to get it put back together by spring.  I also will be starting my plants from seed over the next few months starting this week.  Yesterday is only 16 weeks from Mother Day and it is time to start the geraniums for my planters.

A finished basement!!!