Friday, March 20, 2020

Painting the House Exterior

The last time I wrote about painting the exterior was on September 20, 2011.   I been taking care of family and working so I had very little time to work on the house.  The next time I got back into scraping, sanding, priming, caulking and painting was in 2014.  I was working on the house northeast side back wall.  This wall has the electrical line attached along with meter before the line goes to the fuse box in the basement.  I did not like scraping, sanding and painting so near to that line.  I spent a lot of time scooting up and down the roof that I had to throw out several pairs of holey work pant.  I only managed to get finish preparing and priming the lower 2/3 of the wall before winter.

I did not get back to working on the siding until 2016 because in the summer 2015 I make a trip up to Alaska one more time to spread my father's ashes along the Kenai Peninsula.  My roof was starting to look bad, so I needed to finish working on the siding that were above the back and front porch roof lines.  That year I finished working on the siding on the back wall and scraped and sanded the siding above the front porch roof.

I finished priming and painting the siding above the front porch in 2017.  The time I planed work on the siding in 2018 instead I used the time stripped out everything on the first floor of my Mother's house because her house was destroyed in a flood that Fall.

My mother's house had a foot to a foot and half of water inside the house.  We were lucky, I manage to get everything upstairs and she did not lose any family heirlooms.  Since then I finally finished painting all the siding above a roof line but I had a problem getting my first roofer to show up and do the work.

My mother's house.
In 2019 I finally got my new roof and also have them install new leaf guard gutters.  I spend a lot of time working on the east facing back porch and the front of the house because I did not want to get paint on the new gutters.  The gutters were put up before I could finish but the installer show me how to take them down without damaging them.  The only gutter I could not put down was the gutter behind the house number.  The installer put the screw inside the gutter and the leaf guard cover it, so I wrapped Sarah wrap around the downspout to keep it nice.  The two pictures shown how far I got last year.

This year I plan on finish scraping the front porch.  I not looking forward to scraping the porch's beam board ceiling, but it needs it.  I got to preparing and painting the east side of the back porch up to the gable, I also need to put an air vent to keep the roof cool so the shingles will last longer than 15 years.

When I started painting the house, the guys at work would tease me that by the time I finished I would need to start all over.  I am nowhere done, and I am starting to see I may need to touch up the first area I painted.

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