Friday, October 7, 2011

This is for the Leaf Peepers

What a differents a week can make when it comes to leaf color.  On the last day of Arthur's visit, I promise him we do something fun and Hyde Mill was one of those stops.  Arthur is alway looking for subjects to paint and I thought he would enjoy the mill.  The property is for sale right now and it has been posted with no "NO Trespassing" signs but you can park on the right away and get some great pictures.

Here is how it looked on 9/30/2011 when Arthur and I visited it.

The past owner used to allow the public to walk and picnic on the property and displayed old the gears and mill stones used to grind grain. 


 Last night I stopped at the mill with the leaves in full color and what a different it makes.  Now is the time to view the Fall Colors in Southwestern Wisconsin.

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