Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reupholstering the Antique Winged Chair:Finishing the chair.

After posting all those articles on my chair, I am reaching the end of the project. The seat cushion is the only thing left to do before I loaded it up in the car and brought it home. The original cushion was gone except for the cover when I picked it up from past owner. The cover did have some feathers clinging to the inside cover. Alaine and I discussed that we should stuff the new cushion with down feathers. She was thinking that one feather pillow would fill the cushion. So off I went looking for a feather pillow and I found that stores like Target, Kmart, and Shopko had pillows with a foam cord and feathers surrounding it. The pillows were more expensive than a down feather comforter which was discounted after Christmas last year. I brought I queen size comforter to fill the cushion.

A ticking cover was the first thing that I made to stuff the comforter in. The comforter filled out the cover nicely giving the cushion a firm and cosy feeling.

The one side of the cushion used the Orono Redwood fabric with a Jacobean leafy print on it and the garnet colored velour fabric was used to finish it off. The top and bottom seams had the gold and garnet colored cording sew into it. This is the same cording I used on the arms. I left a opening large enough to squeeze the cushion into it and then finished hand sewed it together.

The pictures below show what the chair looked like before
and after all the work was done.

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