Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still Working on the Basement

For the past 5 weeks I have been busy working in the basement.  I have been putting off writing about it because it is the same old story which involves removing loose cement, wash it, fill in cracks and holes with hydraulic cement and then paint it.  It took awhile for me to get started on this project again.  The thought of having to find a place to move all the “junk” was just enough to put me in a funk during January.  I finely started cleaning up the area by making a trip to the Restore in Baraboo, WI so I could drop off some donations.  Then I made a trip to take my Mom out to lunch for her birthday and drop off a blanket rocker at my sister’s place.  This trip eliminated another item out of the basement.  Next I broke down my worktable which is a plywood sheet and 2 workhorses.  After that I needed to find an area to move the stationary bike, router table, dehumidifier and varies other small items.  Once I finished that I could finely move on to the real work.

Last night I put the final coat on floor but there is still ¼ of the unfinished basement floor left and ¾ of the north wall to do before I can cross this project off my list.  The floor section I have been working on was divided into 3 sections.  I just could not figure out a way to paint the floor as one unit without painting me into a corner where I could not get to the basement sink to clean up or to the stairs without stepping into paint.  The first section I painted was in front of the staircase, next in the northeast corner and last along the north side of the staircase.

Last weekend I started to clear out the next section of floor to be worked on.  This involved defrosting the chest freezer (which badly needed to be done away) and moving it temporary to the newly painted area in front of the stairs.  Tonight I plan on buying shelving to setup in the painted northeast corner.  Once the shelving is up I will move all the paint cans and laundry supplies out of the unfinished basement’s northwest corner.  I plan finish cleaning that corner this weekend then I can start working on finishing the wall.  It is hard to believe that I might finely finish this project!

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  1. Basements...UGH! If it makes you feel any better, yours is in WAY better shape than my current down-to-the-dirt floor ( There's actually stone going down today, so we're (slowly/hopefully) on our way! I think it's awesome you were able to tackle this on your own. Cement floors ain't no easy feat! Hope it turns out just how you want! ps. found you on houseblogging!