Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Living Room Curtains

Little over a year ago I found this wonderful fabric on sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  The color was perfect and the weight was just right to make tab curtains.  I was planning on working on this project at home in my sewing room last year but do to the never ending work down in the basement I just do not have the room to sew.  My sewing machines are buried since this room is being used for temporary storage.
I pinned in a 3-inch hem.

I finished working on the patio umbrella in my upholstery class just before Christmas and had no new furniture projects at the time.  So I decided the only way the curtains would get done was to do them in class.  One panel is done except for the hem and I should have the second panel ready this week.  I will hang both panels up and allow them to hang awhile before putting in the hem.

I brought the first panel home over the holidays, so I could hang it and determine where to hem it.  I machined stitched the edge hem on each side of the curtain and after allowing the curtain to hang for a week I could see the machine stitching gathered the fabric just enough that the edges were notably shorter than the center.  I spent the next two classes ripping out the machine stitching and hand blind stitching the edges.  I would like to have both panel hanging up for a week to determine if the hem needs to be adjusted to look even.  On the right is a picture of the first panel with the machine stitched edge and look can see shorter edges compared to the middle.

I stilled have the double-hung window on the south side of the living room left to do but once I finished this project I will start on my new chair.

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