Friday, January 13, 2012

Latest Activities

Yes, I have been remiss on keeping my blog up to date but I just needed a vacation from everything.  I did a slay-cation off over the holidays and did nothing on the house except housekeeping.  This is very unusual for me.  I did enjoy working on pictures to put on a digital frame for my Dad.  I only managed to review the 2004 Alaska pictures and still have many more pictures to sort through before sending Dad his frame.  I am trying to add a cation to each picture; where it was taken and who is in it.

Tuesday night I got all the outdoor Christmas lights down before the Thursday’s snowstorm.  I just did not want to pull the lights down with snow on the ground.  I need to untangle the lights from the garland and put them back into storage.  Right now they are heaped in two piles, one is lying in the 3-season porch and the larger heap is on the basement floor.  All interior decoration are back in their boxes but I still need to put year around knickknacks back in place.  Right now they just stack on shelves or the dining room table until I can organize them.  I also need the put the two 4 feet trees up in the attic.  I hope to finish cleaning up all the holiday decoration this weekend.  I will have a 3 day weekend because of Martin Luther King Day.

I been thinking about my 2012 To Do List and what I need and can accomplish this year.  Here is the list.

1.      Finish waterproofing and painting the unfinished section of the basement:  NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.  I am tired of the mess down there.
2.      Add an Asparagus patch to the garden
3.      Plant one or two more rhubarb plants.
4.      Put in supports for grape vines and raspberries.
5.      Finish the outside back bedroom wall.
a.       Finish scraping it,
b.      Prime it,
c.       Caulk it, and
d.      Finely paint it.
6.      Weather proof window on scraped wall.
a.       Reglaze window.
b.      Put new cording on weights.
c.       Add insulation to weight’s pockets.
d.      Caulk window.

This is more than enough for me to do this year.


  1. I need to put new ropes on my window weights too. How will the windows work if there is insulation in the weight pockets? Right now it is 12F and the 25 windows in my 1921 Bungalow all have ice on them!
    Elaine in RI

  2. This Old House has a video show how to insulation the window weight pockets. Here is the link:,,20057396,00.html

  3. Hmm, I'm still confused. If the pockets are filled with insulation, the weights will not work. And in their demonstration - there were no weights in the pocket.

    1. The insulation only covers the front of the pocket and the weights are behind it.