Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 9: Seed Starting & Spring Report

All the seeds I started in Week 10 sprouted except Long Island Brussels Sprouts, their germination time is from 10-21 days. The coleus and ivy germanium's are big enough to transplant into 3 packs. My petunias now have 2 to 4 true leaves to develop but they still to small to transplant them this weekend.

This is a big week to plant seeds. Here is the list:

Herbs: Italian Large Leaf Basil, Napolitano Basil, Italian Dark Green Flat Parsley, catnip, oregano, Broad Leaf Sage and Green Culinary Sage

Annual: Radiance Cosmos, Tinny Peach Snapdragons, Ribbon Hybrid Snapdragons and Perfume Hybrid Nicotiana.
Perennial: Giant Pacific Mixed Delphinium and Mixed colored Mullein

Sweet: King Arthur (red and formerly called Fat ‘N Sassy), Orange Bell, King of the North (red), Chocolate Beauty, Purple Beauty and I will need to pick up a yellow sweet pepper
Hot: Early Jalapeno and Ancho Gigantea

Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry, Sugar Sweetie Cherry Tomatoes (red), Big Rainbow Tomatoes (huge yellow) and Jade Cross E Brussels Sprouts.

It should take about 7 seed starter trays to plant all of the above.

My Amaryllis now has two buds and one is tall enough to start opening so the 3 individual buds per stalk will so appear.

On Tuesday I notice that I have a tulip leaves coming up on the south side of the house.

The weather been mild but still is a lot of snow surrounding my house but any area which is not shaded is clear of it. It is going to be in the low 60's today so hopefully more will melt.

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