Thursday, March 3, 2011

Week 11

All but two petunias germinated by Sunday and all the rest sprouted by Wednesday. I moved the tray with the ivy germaniums and coleus off the heat mat and move it to the shelf above. The lights were lower to a level just above the plants to keep them from becoming leggy. The clear plastic cover was removed to bring the humid down and hopefully I will not have problems with damp off on my seedlings.

This Saturday I will be planting several Impatiens varieties: Tango Xtreme, Sapphire Xtreme, Athena Red Flash (red and white bicolor flowers) and Athena Flash (mix of solid and bicolor flowers). I am thinking about starting some cold weather vegetables this week too. If I have time I may start red cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. I figured six weeks out it would be mid-April and warm enough for them to be planted outside. I usually start putting carrots, beets, lettuce and peas into the ground around that time.

I do have some house plants flowering right now to remind me of summer. They are a germanium plant, African violets, hibiscus and an Amaryllis is sending up a bud.

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