Monday, December 10, 2012

Canadian Rockies: Kootenay National Park II

Mt Whymper from Stanley Glacier Trail Parking Lot
 I reached the Continental Divide at 4:45 PM which marks the end of Kootenay and the start of Banff.  Here is where I will stop the next part of my trip will be about Banff National Park from the Continental Divide to Lake Louis.

Continental Divide: Looking back at Kootenay National Park

Continental Divide: Look toward Banff National Park.  I think the mountain is called Castle Mountain.

Continental Divide is the end of Kootenay Park and the beginning of Banff
Note: Sorry it took so long to write about Kootenay but I first want to read more about the park.  The best book I found is Kootenay National Park by Bob Hahn.  The author worked at Kootenay as a naturalist and it an excellent story teller.  The book written is in four sections the first is about the history of the park, the second about the road traveling through the park, third section is on wildlife and the fourth about the Columbia Valley.  The second section is just great is given an in depth description and mileage marker (or a should say kilometer) of trails, lookouts, picnic and camping area in the park.

Here a list of things I wish I knew about before traveling there and someday hope to see: Paint Pots, Marble Canyon, Rockwall trail, Floe Lake, Olive Lake, Redwall Fault and many others.

The book was hard to find but worth it!


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