Monday, December 10, 2012

A Craigslist find: 3/4 oak bed

Here is the bed.  The other pillow was being washed.
For a week I was admiring this bed on Craigslist and trying to figure out where I could find room to put it.  The last few months I have been wanting to change back the front bedroom from a TV/sitting room to a bedroom.  The problem was my small house is stuffed with furniture and I need to decide what I am willing to depart with and I am still finding that hard to do.  I finely made the decision to ask if it was still available after Thanksgiving and made an appointment to see it on November 30th after work.  The bed was in good shape and the 3/4 bed is large enough for a visitor to sleep on.  I also have a queen size sleeper sofa in the living room which my brother has been sleeping on during his visits.  The gentleman who showed me the bed offer to deliver it on Sunday for an extra $45 which I accepted since I was trying to figure out how I was going to tie the mattress and frame to the roof rack.  The extra money was worth it so I would not have to move it on my own.

I spent the all Saturday moving furniture around to find room for the bed.  I finely found a configuration I liked for the living room.  It feels cozier and there is a lot more sitting area when family comes to visit. 

The new living room arrangement.
I moved the desk into the guest bedroom and just had enough room for the bed.  The hope chest was moved from the living room into my room.  Maestro love sitting on it looking out the window.  There used to be a wicker plant in front of that window I found a place for it in the living room behind the round end table.  The stand in front of the living room windows moved to where I had the hope chest and the second gold wing chair in the bedroom got moved to the basement waiting for me to decide what to do it.  Mom got first call on the chairs since she ask me to remember her if I wanted to part with one of them.

Maestro enjoying the outside.
Sunday morning all I needed to do was to setup the bed frame and help move the mattress and its frame on it.  The finishing touch was to made the bed.  I also got a mattress pad and one set of sheets for the 3/4 bed.  Now I would like to find more 3/4 sheet and maybe a nice green goose down comforter for it.

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