Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Projects

I spend the weekend working on the painting the basement walls and I finished putting on the fourth coat of Watertite paint on Sunday.  The "aged pearl" color sure brightens the basement up.  I still have the small wall with the electrical panel and the northeast corner left to paint this summer.  I can start paint the wall with the electrical panel on Wednesday but the northeast corner needs to cure until Sunday before I can start paint it.

Once I finished painting the wall I can pull up the drop cloths and plastic and start preparing the floor for painting.

While waiting for the paint to dry in the basement, I spent Saturday afternoon hand sanding the railings on the right side of the picture. I thought I would be using my power detailer sander for this but the head was to large to fit in between the railing going down the stairs. It took me 6 hours to do that small area. I try to working on it Sunday when the deck is in the shade but wearing a dust mask in a Heat Advisory was just too much. The deck can just wait until the weather is cooler.

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  1. Great assessment on deck work during this heat wave! Ours badly needs to have the deck boards re-stained and a fresh coat of paint on the railings, but it's just too hot to even think about it! If you come up with any great, time-saving techniques for the prep work once it cools down, though, please share! :)

    Your basement also looks lovely, by the way. I like that you chose a color for the walls (and not just white) ... it makes it feel so much more inviting!