Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not Much Has Changed

I am still busy working on the garden. I have been harvesting pea pods, broccoli, and beets. This weekend I froze 5 to 6 quarts of pea pods and another 3 quarts of broccoli. My beans are just starting to produce; I pick only five beans off the bushes yesterday but there are many more beans coming. The tomatoes are growing now since we are finely getting some warm weather. The cucumbers are blooming and I also noticed that my pumpkins are blooming too. The golden zucchini has a 6 inch squash ready to harvest this evening.

The perennial garden is looking good now. Last week I dug up the iris and divided them. The irises were dying from iris bores. I saved what I could and threw the rest out. I also divided some of the other plants the garden to keep them from getting to big. Here are some pictures of the flowers in bloom.



Believe it or not I actually found time last weekend to start working on the house again.  I spray washed the front porch and back deck.  Vacuumed and washed the front porch furniture which was covered with White Pine pollen.  The back deck still needed to the rinsed down with a beach solution since there was still some algae that survived the commercial cleaning solution.  Now I need to sand down the back desk before staining it.

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