Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life Just Takes Over

Potter's Marsh southside of Anchorage along the Steward Highway.
Sorry I have not been posting anything in a while but my father broke his hip at the end of February and I been busy helping him.  My Dad lives in Anchorage, Alaska and that was the reason I traveled up there last July.  I was hoping to move him down to Wisconsin or move him to another place but that was delay last summer when he had his right foot amputated to the ball of his foot.  I tried to talk him into moving down but he was not ready to do it then.  At least I was able to clean his basement apartment and clear out to clutter before he left the nursing home last September.

Anchorage's Habor from Earthquake Park on 4/27/2013
All this time I been trying to get him to agree to come here and it finally took a second broken hip for him to agree to the move.  I spent about a month trying to get all the documentation needed to transfer my father to a nursing home here in WI.  I flew up to Anchorage on April 19th and to take care of financial issue and planned to return back on the 27th with my father coming soon after with a friend.  All that changed when I arrived and my father informed me that I was not leaving Alaska without him so I had  to reschedule my flight to the 29th so he could come with me.  I then informed the WI nursing home that my father would be  arriving at the home some time after 5 PM on the 29th.

Evening of 4/27/2013 between Potter's Marsh and Beluga Point along the Steward Highway.
During the week I was there I closed up the apartment and turning it over to the landlord before leaving for WI.  The only way clean out the apartment in a week was to donate or giving away most the furniture and items in the apartment.  All his clothing and papers were packed and mailed down to my house in 9 large boxes.  I found them on my porch two weeks later.  His SUV was packed with the remaining items and was put into storage until I could fly back up in July to drive the car down the Alaska Highway one last time.

The last Sunday afternoon (4/28/2013) I took my father out of the nursing home for a drive along the Steward Highway.  This is Beluga Point showing a bore tide coming down the Turnagain Arm.
I planned to take care of all this last summer and focus back on my house and garden this year but life does take over and throw all your plans out the window.  I did find time to start plants and I put them outside today to harden off before planting and selling the extras at the local farmer’s market.  When I got back from Alaska I had a call from my carpenter about dividing the front closet dead space into a linen closet with it opening into the hallway next to the bathroom.  He finished it last week now I need to finish painting it before I can check it off my TO DO List.  Pictures from the closet project will be coming later.  So I am getting some stuff done.  I still plan on finishing writing about last year’s trip and I hope to be done with it before I fly back up in July.

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