Monday, February 18, 2013

Finishing Up Old Projects

I did not make it down to the basement until Saturday afternoon.  That morning I took a trip to Cedar Grove Cheese factory for their low-fat cheddar cheese.  While there I also brought a low-fat Colby, smoked little baby Swiss, smoked cheddar and a cheddar with basil & tomato in it.  I make a few stops on the way home and one of those stops was at Country Sampler in Spring Green.   It is a quilt shop that has primitive folk art theme.  Since I brought the house I have very little time to quilt but I still occasionally enjoy visiting a shop and finding out what is new.  I return home around noon and went to work soon after lunch.
Starting aliening the screen

My project for the weekend was to replace the ripped screen for the back door.  Two years ago I put something through the screen causing it to rip.  I removed the ripped screening planning on replacing the screen after I finished the basement.  I actually believe I finished the basement two years ago.  Boy, did I have high hopes back then!  By the time winter ended I needed to work in the garden and scrape another outside wall to the house so the screen waited again and of course I use the same reasoning over the 2011-2012 winter but for the summer 2012 my excuse was I went to Alaska to help Dad.  So now I have no excuse and the work must get done.  I forgot how easy it is to replace a screen.  I thought it would take me all weekend but I finished touching up the paint early Sunday morning.
Before sanding
Primed side, I will be turning it over to do the back later
this week.

That allow me to start working on a storm window I stripped in the fall 2011.  I did find time to treat rotten wood sections with hardener that fall and to remove the window panes but nothing been done since then for the same reasons as above.  I pulled out my orbital sander and remove the last bit of paint on the frame.  I covered a wooden shim with sandpaper to clean out the lip the glass pane sits in.  Once I finished sanding and vacuuming the dust off, I painted an oil-based prime on one side of it.  I will prime the other side later this week.  Then I pulled the glass panes out of the safe place I stored them but broke off a large piece off the corner of each pane.  I stored the panes for a little over a year near the furnace and managed to keep them in one piece.  I moved them about a month ago when I defrosted the freezer and thought I put them in a safe place but the storage place was too narrow to support it when I was pulled it out.  The good thing is glass is not that expensive and I will keep the glass to cut smaller panes when I work on my 6 over 6 double hung windows this summer.  I ordered two 24"x24" glass panes today and expect to glaze the panes in the frame this coming weekend.

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