Saturday, January 26, 2013

Where to start?

I took Monday and Tuesday off so I have extra time to start decluttering the basement.  I been avoiding the job all week and kept procrastinating this morning by cleaning the bedroom.  While cleaning the bedroom I took sometime to walk through the basement and look over the job.  Should I start here?

The east end of the Unfinished Basement?

Or the Sewing/Craft Room

The south side of the sewing room?

The north side of the room?
Here is where I should start the table in the unfinished section then I have a staging area to start cleaning the east wall.  It is a small step but a start.

I am sure you all noticed that I am still trying to find reasons to put it off by writing about it instead of working on it.  Well it time to face the music, go down there and start it.


  1. What is it about this week and basements? I'm working on my basement, and so is another blogger friend ... all spontaneously without consulting anyone. It has to be an almost-mid-winter thing, where we desperately seek order as we are coccooned in the house. Here's wishing you adequate energy and motivation to get the job finished! (If you need me, I will be in my own basement.)