Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Blooms

A daffodil blooming on 3/18/2012
Southwest Wisconsin spring has arrived 5 to 4 weeks early.  It is unheard of to have 80F weather in mid-March.  So many plants have come into bloom way to early.  The fruit tree are now blooming and for the next several nights a hard freeze is forecast.  Wisconsin Orchards may lose their fruit crops this year.  Here are some photos of plants in my yard.
Violets blooming in the lawn on 3/21/2012
Hyacinth started opening on 3/18/2012
Tulip bloomed on 3/21/2012
Tulip bloomed on 3/25/2012

Crabapple Buds 4/3/2012

4/3/2012 Coral Bell Bud

Ground cover blooming 4/3/2012
Lilac buds 4/3/2012

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